Chris Edwards

Beginning on his own in 1987, Chris continues a four-generation tradition in the printing industry. Starting in Ann Arbor, MI, Chris founded Infinity Press in 1992 and continues as President today. Bringing to the company his strong background in technical knowledge and production creativity, Chris is enthusiastic about the process of helping customers see their project through to completion. His spare time is split between family and cycling, which is quite similar to his business partner Bob below!

Headshot of Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards

Bob Corman

Bob’s career in printing started with emptying garbage cans and sweeping the production floor of a print shop. Soon he was working in the bindery and managing to get his hand caught in between the rollers of a large printing press. Realizing he would be better off away from machinery, Bob moved to estimating and purchasing, then spent many years selling printing paper, before returning to printing in his current role.

When not traveling with his wife, and spending time with his kids and their families, you can find Bob somewhere on a road bike, doing scenic Bay Area rides, or competing in national and world 24 hour championships. Not many people get to compete on a team with and win a world championship with their son, and he has been lucky to do that twice.

If you’re wondering what kind of effort you’re going to get doing business with him, his daughter recently said it best:

“I’ve been thinking a lot about how we push ourselves outside of work and how striving to be your best at home and in your personal activities often translates into how you show up at work.

I imagine that's why my brother and dad are incredible at their jobs. This weekend, they competed in the 24 Hour World Time Trial Championships as a two-man team and finished with 428.4 miles in 23:55:05. Ridiculous.”

Bob Corman leads a pack of cyclists on the road with mountains the background.

Photo: Bob racing in Borrego Springs in the 2022 24 Hour World Time Trial Championships.

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